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All of my work can be found below! Each site I have contributed to has its own section with my relevant work underneath. Beneath the heading, I’ve included relevant clips and then a collection of all of my writing at that particular site at the bottom. 
My reviews published on OpenCritic can be found here.

Final Weapon
My role at Final Weapon is Editor-in-Chief. I co-founded the site in June 2019, and I have remained a part of the administration and editorial team ever since. I’ve been invited to attend preview events and conferences on behalf of the website, including Summer Game Fest.






All of my writing clips for Final Weapon can be found here.

I started freelancing at IGN in June 2023 and have worked with the Tech, Commerce, IGN Store, IGN Rewards, and Evergreen teams. I run the Daily Deals column and the IGNDeals Twitter account on Saturdays and Sundays. Additionally, I work weekly with the IGN Store team to provide roundups of new products, as well as articles highlighting new pre-orders. Outside of my writing with IGN, I assist the Database Management team with creating and modifying objects to power IGN Playlist.

All of my work at IGN can be found here.

Hard Drive
I freelanced at Hard Drive as a Guides Writer from December 2022 to January 2024. Here, I focused on the latest and evergreen GAAS titles to craft regular guides. 


All of my writing clips for Hard Drive can be found here.

I freelanced at TheGamer from November 2022 to March 2023 as a List Writer. I was focused on evergreen long-form content.


All of my writing clips for TheGamer can be found here.

Attack of the Fanboy
I freelanced for Attack of the Fanboy in 2021. I started for the site in July of that year, ending my time at AOTF in November.




All of my work for Attack of the Fanboy can be found here.

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