Noah Hunter

Student at The University of Oklahoma

About Me

Noah is a student at the University of Oklahoma concurrently pursuing a Master of Science in Management of Information Technology alongside a Bachelor of Business Administration.

A motivated and passionate leader who can make an impact on any team.

Noah began writing about games in late 2018. In June 2019, he co-founded Final Weapon, an outlet focused on the world of Japanese gaming. Since then, he has continued to serve a key role at the site as its Editor-in-Chief. He manages day-to-day operations while overseeing a team of over 15 writers.

In his time as a freelance writer, Noah has worked with outlets such as IGN, Hard Drive, TheGamer, and more. He has contributed more than 1000 articles in total in his time as a journalist.

With over four years of experience in the journalism sphere, Noah has established a footprint that naturally brings plenty of connections. He regularly works with some of the biggest video game companies in the world, such as Nintendo of America [NOA], Square Enix, Capcom, Koei Tecmo, SEGA, and Electronic Arts.


What I Do

In addition to writing about games, Noah is an avid learner of all kinds of technology and various programming languages.



Noah, as stated above, has been writing about video games for over four years now. He has gained plenty of experience and skill in this field, which has allowed him to partake in some amazing opportunities. Regularly, he drafts reviews for the biggest titles of the year in addition to news, guides, and plenty of features.



Noah is always looking to learn about the latest and greatest technologies on the market. He spent four years learning the ins and outs of both Java and Python, as well as PhotoShop and Premiere. Additionally, he is extremely familiar with hardware and troubleshooting technical issues.



Through his time at Final Weapon, Noah has learned key skills involving CSS, WordPress, HTML, and more. He has designed entire websites multiple times (including this one!), fixed backend issues related to servers, and more.

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