About Me

Noah is currently a student at the University of Oklahoma. He is working on his Bachelor’s of Business Administration with a major in Management Information Systems, in addition to a Master of Science in Management of Information Technology. His passions lie in the fields of technology, software development, engineering, and video games.

At OU, Noah is extremely involved across campus. He is a member of the Sigma Nu fraternity, having served as the Chapter’s Banner Chair from August 2021 to May 2023. He also serves as a part of six different committees within the house, including the Financial, Historical, Marshal, Philantrophy, PR, and T-Shirt committees. In March 2023, Noah was chosen to serve on the Interfraternity Council as a Public Relations Associate, where he oversaw and communicated with each of the seventeen fraternities at the university. As of January 2024, Noah was selected as the IFC’s Chief Justice, where he collaborates with the University of Oklahoma Student Conduct office on accountability and conduct policies. He has also worked in the Campus Activities Council (CAC) during his freshman year as a part of the committee that organizes Spring Family Weekend at OU. 

For the Spring 2023 semester, Noah enrolled in the Price College of Business Integrated Business Core Program. Initially, in teams of four, Noah pitched both products and company culture to the Price faculty. Out of seventeen groups, Noah’s group was one of four selected to establish a “Founding Team.” As a result, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Crimson Prints, where his company obtained a bank loan, worked with OU Licensing, and created & sold a product. Crimson Prints donated over 550 service hours throughout the semester and a monetary donation of over $6,700 to Fields & Futures in OKC. According to their service hour advisors, the 557 service hours Crimson Prints donated were the equivalent of $15,039 to Loveworks Leadership in Norman, Oklahoma.

Noah has previously been awarded to the Price College of Business Dean’s Honor Roll and the President’s Honor Roll, with his current GPA sitting at 3.54/4.

As for his writing, Noah began writing about games in late 2018. Always a strong passion since his childhood, he wanted to share his expertise in the field with as many people as possible. In June 2019, he co-founded Final Weapon, an outlet focused on the world of Japanese gaming. Forming a clear content strategy, Noah worked tirelessly to build a reputation for high-quality and nonsense-free reporting. Since then, he has served an essential daily role at the site as its Editor-in-Chief. He manages day-to-day operations while overseeing a team of writers. Final Weapon has amassed millions of views in its lifetime, with the website growing monthly.

With over five years of experience in the journalism sphere, Noah has established a footprint that naturally brings plenty of connections. He regularly works with some of the biggest video game companies in the world, communicating consistently with hundreds of PR contacts. Some of the companies he has worked with include the following:

  • Nintendo of America [NOA]
  • Microsoft Xbox 
  • Capcom
  • Square Enix
  • Koei Tecmo
  • Electronic Arts
  • Arc System Works
  • SEGA
  • Atlus
  • Bandai Namco
  • NIS America
  • And more!

Alongside his work at Final Weapon, Noah has also dabbled in plenty of freelance work. Some of his bylines include Attack of the Fanboy, Hard Drive, IGN, JapanBound, TheGamer, and more. In his time as a journalist, he has written over 1000 pieces in total.

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